Sunday, July 13, 2008

wow lechon (roast pig)!

Philippines,Pinoy,Filipino,Pilipino,Buhay,Life,people,pictures,photos,city,rural,lechon,carving,food man,young,yummy,cutting,celebration
Original Title: wow lechon (roast pig)!
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Cebu - carving lechon

Mactan beach, Cebu Philippines,Pinoy,Filipino,Pilipino,Buhay,Life,people,pictures,photos,lechon, rural, scene, man, young, traditional, lechon,pork, pig roast
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Mactan beach, Cebu, Philippines


Philippines,Pinoy,Filipino,Pilipino,Buhay,Life,people,pictures,photos,lechon, man, woman, traditional roast pork pig celebration
Original Title: Lechon
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Mindanao - carving lechon

Don Carlos, Mindanao, Philippines

Boracay - Lechon Pressing

Philippines,Pinoy,Filipino,Pilipino,Buhay,Life,people,pictures,photos,boracay, man, rural, scene, food, lechon,smiling
Original Title: Bora-LechonPressing
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Boracay, Philippines

Cebu - Lechon carving

Philippines,Pinoy,Filipino,Pilipino,Buhay,Life,people,pictures,photos,city,scene, man, lechon, traditional,roast carving,food
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Cebu, Philippines


Philippines,Pinoy,Filipino,Pilipino,Buhay,Life,people,pictures,photos,food, man, lechon, traditional, roast pig celebration
Original Title: Lechon
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Quiapo - church scene

Pinoy,Filipino,Pilipino,Buhay,Life,people,pictures,photos,city,manila, Metro Manila, Philippines, scene, woman, boy, vendor, street, traditional simbahan
Original Title: Sa Quiapo lang po!
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Quiapo, Manila, Philippines

Quiapo Church - mother and child

Pinoy,Filipino,Pilipino,Buhay,Life,people,pictures,photos,city,child, scene, Philippines, Metro Manila, manila, woman, standing church front mother
Original Title: abangers serye dos-2-3
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Quiapo, Manila, Philippines

Zambales - tinupac

Philippines,Pinoy,Filipino,Pilipino,Buhay,Life,people,pictures,photos,man, rice, rural, scene, traditional, food men cooking
Original Title: tinupac
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Masinloc, Zambales, Philippines

Cooking rice bamboo style

Philippines,Pinoy,Filipino,Pilipino,Buhay,Life,people,pictures,photos,rice, rural, scene, man, cooking,bamboo men traditional
Original Title: Cooking Bamboo Rice
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Camiguin - picnic with grilled fish on serve yummy

Philippines,Pinoy,Filipino,Pilipino,Buhay,Life,people,pictures,photos,scene, man, woman, food, fish, grilled yummy, picnic,smiling,inihaw,isda
Original Title: DSC05372
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Camiguin, Philippines

Late Lunch