Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cebu - barbeque vendor

 street vendor cooking barbeque for sale in Malapascua Cebu Philippines Buhay Pinoy  Ngayon Filipino Pilipino  people pictures photos life Philippinen  street food
Picture's Original Title: the vendor
Thanks to: karloil

Malapacua, Cebu, Philippines

description/keywords: street barbeque, sidewalk vendor, snack food, street


Rick Rosenshein said...

Great blog and beautiful photographs. Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work. Rick

erin said...


I'm so interested in your pictures.

Can I get your email address because I need to ask somethign about your topics in your pictures? Or, you can just email me at

Hope to hear from you sooN! :D

Den Relojo said...

Captivating photos! They trigger early memories.

janz said...

advance happy new year!

elzenz said...

Visiting best Friends.. :) how are you ?? :)

Jill said...

nice pics..lakwatsero ka nga!!!

para pong tinotour mo na ako without you knowing!!